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Coffee 101

brewingcoffee-1.jpgWe want you to get the most out of your coffee. Use the links below for tips to help you brew the perfect cup!

Brewing the Perfect Cup of Coffee

  1. Use fresh cold water.
  2. Heat water just below boiling (200F). If you are using a drip brewer, the brew should be completed between 4-6 minutes.
  3. Use freshly roasted beans, ground just before brewing.
  4. Use the correct grind for your coffee brewer. Too fine a grind will give you a bitter brew and will clog your filter, preventing the oils and true taste of the bean from being extracted. Too coarse will cause a watery thin taste.
  5. Start with one tablespoon of freshly ground coffee for each six ounces of water. Adjust to your taste accordingly.

Storing your Coffee

Thieves and Robbers: The following rob your fresh roasted coffee of taste! Air, Heat, Light, and Moisture.  Coffee is highly perishable and air, heat, light and moisture deplete the taste. Since so much of its surface area is exposed to air, coffee stales very quickly, especially ground coffee.

  1. Buy fresh roasted coffee in small quantities and use it up within two weeks.
  2. Store it in an opaque airtight, moisture proof container and in a cool dark place
  3. Do not store in your refrigerator as the coffee takes on odors easily and moisture builds up inside of the coffee container.
  4. Whole beans keep longer than ground, so purchase a small grinder and grind just before you wish to use them.

frenchpress.jpgThe French Press

A wonderful way to enjoy your coffee, but there is much confusion about how this little thing works. It takes a little more time but it s really very simple, and worth the extra effort. Here are a few tips on how we do it.

  1. Heat water to 200F.
  2. Pour hot water in French Press to warm the press. This will keep your coffee hot longer.
  3. Grind your fresh beans coarse enough so they won't slip through the screen of the plunger. Grinding too fine will give it a bitter taste; too coarse will give it a watery taste. Experiment with the amount of ground coffee according to your own personal taste. I like two tablespoons per 6oz. cup.
  4. Empty the hot water out of the French Press and pour your fresh grounds into the beaker.
  5. Fill the beaker again with the hot (200F) water and stir a bit with a spoon.  Then place the lid on top of the beaker, but DO NOT PLUNGE AT THIS TIME!!!
  6. Agitate the press every so often and let steep for 3-4 minutes.
  7. Slowly push the plunger to the bottom compressing the grounds. Now pour yourself a fantastic cup of coffee.


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