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Our Coffee

We roast only the finest Arabica coffees from around the world. 

fairtrade.jpg We presently offer the following coffees:

Coffee available in a full pound bag (16 oz.)

• Zombie Dark For our friends of the hit TV show, "The Walking Dead." Bold and bombastic, wickedly smooth. Zombi-li-cious! $13.75

• Ukulele Blend (our house blend) A blend of: Colombia, Sumatra, Nicaragua, Ethiopia Harrar. $13.75

Marcella Espresso Blend An exceptional blend of 3 different coffees which can also be used as a regular drip coffee. $13.75

Colombia Supremo A classic full aroma, heavy body with good acidity. Excellent caramel-like sweetness and overall richness favored throughout the world. $13.75

Costa Rica Tarrazu Aromatic with very good body and excellent acidity. A highly flavored coffee that blends well with other coffees. $13.75

Ethiopia Harrar Intense without being shocking, and wild without being gamey. Truly an exceptional coffee. $13.75

Sumatra Mandheling A real crowd pleaser. Surprising high notes coupled with heavy note complexity. $14.25

Guatemala Trapichitos The popularity of Guatemalan coffee can be attributed to its complete, medium to full-bodied taste, high acidity, and smoky, fragrant overtones. $13.75

Kenya AA A medium-bodied lush floral noted coffee with hints of deep lush fruit and musky scent. $15.50

Moca Java A blend of Sumatran and Ethiopian Harrar. A wonderful deep full-bodied coffee with a hint of nutty and wild taste. $13.75

Peru Certified Organic Fair Trade A wonderful medium-bodied stand alone coffee. A great breakfast or all-day favorite. $13.75

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe A beautiful aromatic coffee with hints of nuts. Full-bodied and extremely tasteful. $13.75

Nicaragua A full-bodied, buttery, middle-toned coffee with a hint of smokiness. Medium to full-bodied taste with fragrant overtones $13.75

Kona 100% Fancy Contact us for orders. Market Price.

Swiss Water Decaf $14.75

Half Caf Swiss Water Decaf and your choice of coffee (other than Kona Fancy or Kenya AA) $14.75

Half Dead (Half Caf Swiss Water Decaf and Zombie Dark) $14.75

• Diva Daybreak Drop dead good for our fans of the TV show, "Drop Dead Diva." $13.75

• Farmhouse Roast 100% Honduran coffee $13.75


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